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Lu Rocha, MA, MSW, LCSW, RYI (Founder)

Lu is a bilingual Spanish speaking trauma therapist. Her professional experience includes more than twenty years of counseling, organizing, activism, and advocacy within the Latinx community and other marginalized communities. Lu identifies as a Latina with indigenous roots, first born generation in the United States, a proud daughter of a Brazero. She is the founder of Multicultural Consulting Services, a for-profit business dedicated in helping institutions make their services accessible to everyone. 


Lu is dedicated in addressing trauma from a cultural perspective, while using methods that are evidence-based and trauma-informed. She works with clients from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and has experience in providing services to youth who have experienced and/or witnessed family and community violence. Her professional aspiration is to support the growth of providers of color in the mental health field so that communities of color can have more options in obtaining services that align to their cultural beliefs and values.  

Tamara Fermaint, Biller

Tamara Fermaint has been in the health care field for over 30 years as a registered dental hygienist. She has experience in providing patient care services in hospitals, private practice, and community settings.


She brings with her a commitment to advocate for individuals living with mental health illness, LGBTQ community members, people affected by homelessness, and children with learning disabilities, obtain quality services and support. 

Tamara is excited to join Lu Rocha Counseling Service as their new insurance biller and care coordinator.



Andrea Espinosa, MSW Psychotherapist

Andrea is a bilingual Spanish speaking therapist. She graduated from The University of Illinois at Chicago with a master’s degree in Social Work. She has a wide range of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults work through PTSD, depression, anxiety, sexual and physical abuse, grief, and other life challenges. In addition, she has advocated for individuals navigating around the criminal justice systems, has provided case management services to people in need of medical and housing benefits, clinical services, and U Visa letters. 

Andrea has experience co-facilitating groups for adults and teens working through everyday stressors and helping middle school students strengthen their social and behavioral skills. She has facilitated educational workshops for parents on sexual abuse and safety.


Lastly, Andrea uses an eclectic approach that incorporates mindfulness, psychotherapy, trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), solution-focused, and strengths perspectives, among other methods. Andrea leads her work according to the needs of the client and utilizes active listening, empathy, and strives to create a safe and trusting therapeutic environment.

Lu's Method of Therapy

Lu prefers to provide therapy from a strength-based approach. This form of therapy emphasizes a person’s self-determination and strengths. It is a philosophy and a way of viewing a client as resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity. To help clients improve their mental health, Lu utilizes diverse inclusive therapy (DIT), which includes talk therapy and other modalities that have been proven to be effective and beneficial.


DIT includes:

  • Talk therapy

  • Breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga, which are proven to improve one’s mental health. And as a registered yoga instructor (RYI), trained in therapeutic yoga, Lu teaches her clients how to use these tools to better manage anxiety, anger and other overwhelming emotions and sensations. 

  • Understanding how trauma and anxiety effects the body, brain, and one’s overall health is important; therefore, Lu teaches her clients how the effects manifests within the body.

  • Lu believes that having a spiritual practice is important in one’s healing, so when appropriate, Lu addresses spirituality in her therapy sessions. This may include conversations on connecting with one’s ancestors, practicing traditions or rituals, smudging etc.  

  • Historical trauma (HT) is an emotional and psychological wounding experienced by a group/community across generations and within one's lifespan. When appropriate, Lu believes it is important to explore how historical trauma is currently affecting one’s mental and physical health.

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