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We are dedicated to providing mental health services that are diverse, inclusive, and culturally accessible to everyone.



Trauma Therapy

Is therapy that counselors use to help people overcome psychological trauma. A traumatic event is defined as one in which you perceive a threat to your life, bodily integrity, or sanity.

Sexual Assault/Harassment Survivor's Therapy

Therapy could help survivors/victims deal with the anxiety, anger, depressions, and/or the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often experienced by people affected by these types of abuse.

Intergenerational / Historical Trauma

Intergenerational trauma refers to trauma that passes through generations. Historical trauma affects many people or even an entire generation, where it might also be referred to as ‘collective trauma.’ Understanding how this type of trauma affects you is crucial in leading a healthier life.


Acculturation is a process through which a person or group from one culture comes to adopt practices and values of another culture, while still retaining their own distinct culture. This navigation is often difficult and can feel isolating and confusing to some.

LGBTQ Support

In the United States, many Latino/a families are first- or second-generation immigrants and keeping family relationships strong can be critical to an individual's identity. The possibility that a LGBTQ individual might lose that important support system by coming out to their family is daunting. Having the right type of support is helpful when dealing with the family and community’s response (and possible rejection) to one’s sexual orientation.  


A serious but a common condition. It often causes people to feel sad or empty for long periods of time. It can also affect one’s thinking patterns and physical health. Depression can be treated. It is a mental health concern, not a personality flaw. There are many therapies which can help someone reduce their symptoms and regain happiness. With help from a mental health professional, recovery is possible.

Therapy for Victims of interpersonal/domestic violence

Therapy could help survivors/victims deal with the anxiety, anger, depressions, and/or the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often experienced by people affected by these types of abuses.

Bilingual Parenting Skills Workshops

This series of parent education workshops are customized for parents with children of different ages. The classes will cover some core effective parenting skills, such as effective discipline, respect, the power of encouragement, and communication skills. These workshops are specially designed for Latino/a parents.


Anxiety can interfere with relationships, sleep, eating habits, work, school, and hobbies. It is also one of the most common reasons people seek therapy. Effective therapy can reduce or eliminate symptoms that come with anxiety in a fairly short time.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Lu provides individual and group clinical supervision and consultation to individuals who are working towards their clinical licensure (LCSW or LCPC).  

Getting clinical supervision is such an important aspect in growing as a clinician in the mental health field.  However, it can be extremely difficult to find supervision at a reasonable amount, especially during these unprecedented times of the pandemic. Therefore, Lu offers reduced rates for recent graduates and unemployed individuals. 

Supervision is based on individual needs but usually consists of case consultation, discussion of clinical topics and/or sharing of resources.

While working with Lu, clinicians can gain:

• new ways of looking at complex cases

• Comprehend the effects of racism, oppression, and marginalization on clients

• Understand how to navigate the system you represent and how to best support your clients

• identify transference or countertransference issues




For more information please contact Lu at:

• how to create healthy professional boundaries and self-preservation


• It can paid or unpaid work, part-time or full-time but must be direct practice.

• BSW’s are not eligible.

• MSWs must work for 3,000 hours under the supervision of an LCSW

• PhDs/DSWs must work for 2,000 hours under supervision of an LCSW

• You may meet individually or in group with no more than 5 people.

• You must meet 4 hours during the month.

MCS Seminars and Workshops

Lu Rocha also provides seminars and workshops tailored for social service providers working with marginalized and undeserved communities. Please click the button to the right for more information. 



10 Minute Phone Consultation



50 - 55 Minute Session



50 - 55 Minute Session

Please call for more details.

Coming soon! We are expanding to accept Medicaid insurance.

Most insurances are already accepted, and we'll verify coverage. 

**Payment may be made by credit card, personal check or cash.



Create an emotional and physical safe space for clients.

Collaboration and

View the client as an active participant in his/her/their treatment

Trustworthiness and Transparency

Establish a rapport with client that is authentic and honest.

Empowerment, Voice and 

Agree to give the client permission to trust his/her/their own intuition and wisdom, without judgement.

Peer Support

Promote solidarity and support among the group attendees.

Cultural, Historical, and 
Gender Issues

Comprehend and validate the intersectionality of the client’s experience with culture, historical oppression and his/her/their gender identity.


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