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Dream High Tagalog Version Full

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dream high tagalog version full

Anime: Dream High Dream High Episodes The next day, Jason finishes filming work and rushes back to Korea, seeing that Pil Sook has fainted. Upon returning to Seoul, Jason goes straight to Choong's house to inform her about Pil Sook's condition, and they decide to rush her to the hospital to check her out. At that time, he is already informed by Choi Young that he has succeeded in locating the mastermind of the prank. So, he quickly goes back to Gangnam Hospital to question Pil Sook about where she got hurt, and even seems like she just wants to do as they say. She reveals to him that she got hit by a car because she was too close to the door. She then proceeds to talk about what happened while asking her not to tell anyone about the prank, so Jason knows that he is right on the right track, but he also realizes that they have already been caught by Choi Young. The next day, the whole school will play it back and show it to the school audience, and the school administrators are not going to accept that a university student has orchestrated the prank, because it is so out of character for them. So, the school administrators agree to not to inform the school, but they will have to handle the matter in the end. The high school is so full of drama, and one of the hall monitors is also caught in the drama, and he is the one who released the video of the prank. This is because he did not want to let everyone else be killed in the prank. However, he does not reveal his identity, and since there is no proof that he was behind the prank, he decides to go along with it. After the prank was pulled, the school administrator and director decide to punish all the students involved. The whole school is angry with the culprits, and one of the students goes to the principal to claim that they are innocent. However, the principal announces that the culprits will be punished, and there is no more room for leniency. He informs them that he will start from the front row and will punish the people as they are supposed to be punished. However, Jason and Choi Young are not happy with his decision. Choong has told the principal that he should punish the students who are behind the prank, not just those who have the most money. So, the principal agrees, but he continues to punish them. They are taken to a room and locked up

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Dream High Tagalog Version Full

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